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Current Listings

1610 Saint Charles St, Houston, TX
2126 Nichole Woods Dr, Houston, TX
2820 Rusk St, Houston, TX
307 Gregg St, Houston, TX
307 Grove St, Houston, TX
308 Cage Street, Houston, TX
326 Plaza Del Sol Park, Houston, TX
4607 Merwin St, Houston, TX
622 Nagle Street, Houston, TX
810 Paige St, Houston, TX
904 Ruthven St, Houston, TX
909 Saulnier, Houston, TX

Sold Listings

1113 St. Charles Street, Houston, TX
1209 Palmer Street, Houston, TX
1210 Crosby Street, Houston, TX
1218 Crosby Street, Houston, TX
13619 Heath Spring Court, Houston, TX
13903 Alex Landing Drive, Humble, TX
13919 Robbie Creek Lane, Humble, TX
14919 Hyde Park Place, Houston, TX
1520 Palmer Street, Houston, TX
1750 Aden Drive, Houston, TX
17802 Placid Oak Court, Cypress, TX
19302 Brittany Creek Drive, Spring, TX
19515 Rocky Bank Drive, Tomball, TX
19703 River Breeze Drive, Tomball, TX
19910 Sternwood Manor Dr, Spring, TX
2010 Blodgett St - Unit E, Houston, TX
2010 Blodgett St - Unit F, Houston, TX
21035 Florette Lane, Spring, TX
21322 Timber Pines Dr, Spring, TX
22715 Wixford Lane, Tomball, TX
22719 Wixford, Tomball, TX
22722 Newcourt Place, Tomball, TX
22722 Wixford Lane, Tomball, TX
23 E. Hullwood Circle, Spring, TX
23123 Kimberly Glen Ln, Spring, TX
24310 Hill Creek Falls, Tomball, TX
24835 Haverford Rd, Spring, TX
24935 Corbin Gate Drive, Houston, TX
2502 Platinum Chase Driv, Rosharon, TX
2507 Dallas Street, Houston, TX
2510 Platinum Chase Drive, Houston, TX
25234 Gaddis Oaks Drive, Spring, TX
25914 Longstone Rd, Spring, TX
2611 Bell Street, Houston, TX
2617 Capitol Avenue, Houston, TX
27 E White Willow Cir, The Woodlands, TX
2706 S. Cotswold Manor Drive, Houston, TX
2708 Leeland Street, Houston, TX
2719 Polk St, Houston, TX
2819 Clinton Dr, Houston, TX
2921 Pease St, Houston, TX
2928C Jackson Street, Houston, TX
3 1403 Delano St, Houston, TX
30714 Eastridge Dr, Spring, TX
30719 Dodson Trace Dr, Spring, TX
30722 Legends Trace Drive, Spring, TX
30723 Dodson Trace Dr, Spring, TX
3129 Dallas Street, Houston, TX
318 Cage Street, Houston, TX
319 Plaza Del Sol Park, Houston, TX
3211 Meline Fields Dr, Spring, TX
3219 Meline Fields Dr, Spring, TX
3227 Colleville Sur Mer Ln, Spring, TX
32347 Hunter Park, Conroe, TX
3438 Cline Street, Houston, TX
3730 Oak Lace Dr, Spring, TX
4007 Wells Mark Drive, Humble, TX
401 Louisiana Street #612, Houston, TX
4210 Bell Street, Houston, TX
4714 Sonora Creek Ln, Spring, TX
4718 Loggia Ln, Humble, TX
4807 Loggia Ln, Humble, TX
5327 Foresthaven Drive, Houston, TX
5418 Brookway Willow Drive, Houston, TX
5619 Overbrook Lane, Houston, TX
623 Live Oak St, Houston, TX
6415 Gardenspring Brook Lane, Spring, TX
6515 Loblolly Vista Drive, Spring, TX
6702 Brock Meadow Drive, Spring, TX
6710 Augusta Pines Parkway, Spring, TX
6714 Brock Meadow Dr, Spring, TX
6726 Lynngate Drive, Spring, TX
6812 Queensclub Dr, Houston, TX
7431 Fall Springs Lane, Humble, TX
7627 Cypress Dr, Humble, TX
820 Threadneedle St #243, Houston, TX
827 Hartman Dr, Baytown, TX
8422 Pheasant Glen Dr, Spring, TX
8519 Westerbrook Lane, Humble, TX
904 Ruthven Street, Houston, TX
9103 Glen Shadow Dr, Houston, TX
9202 Marfield Court, Tomball, TX
9207 Forest Creek Dr, Tombal, TX
9219 Forest Creek, Tomball, TX
9611 Tangler Court, Tomball, TX
9715 Alyssa Ct, Humble, TX
9927 Caleb Way, Missouri City, TX
G 2010 Blodgett St, Houston, TX

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